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Make it Heard Vol. IV

Curated by Fernando Iazzetta and Rui Chaves
'Make it heard' is a collection of contemporary sonic production in Brazil, in areas such as improvisation; installation; instrument-building; new media; performance art; electroacoustic music; poetry; radio art; and vocal experimentation. The release of this fourth volume celebrates BERRO's first anniversary. As in the previous three volumes, this Make it Heard Vol. IV refers to the subjects developed in the 'Making it Heard: A History of Brazilian Sound Art' (Bloomsbury, 2019), a multi-authored volume edited by Rui Chaves and Fernando Iazzetta. In this book, a generation of young scholars discusses a body of artwork that spans almost 60 years, through an attentive ear to material, historical, social and political circumstances. As most of the artworks discussed are not available to the public, we tried to offer to the potential reader/listener a sample of the recent Brazilian sound art production. The title 'Making it Heard' indicates the context in which this production takes place, oscillating between the persistence of a colonial and patriarchal structure and the pursuit of a libertarian and democratic perspective. 'Make it Heard' expresses a sense of urgency in making this body of work audible, one that we hope to continue in the next few years: recovering, archiving and publishing Brazilian production in this field.

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