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Lilian Nakahodo and Rui Chaves
Estrilho is an audiovisual essay that focuses on our sonic life during a pandemic.

What comfort do you find in this pandemic? Was it recurring or casual? Did you miss it? Or will it be something to come? Was it a voice or voices? A song? Did it have an origin? Was it unfamiliar or familiar? Beautiful or weird? Was it inside, outside or in between? Where was? Did that sound touch, smell, taste and look at your senses?

The collection, fragmentation and reading of testimonies amplify images and sounds that refer to social isolation, individual/collective memory and the way in which public and/or private spaces in João Pessoa were affected by the pandemic. Estrilho proposes a reflection on the museological role of listening, auditory experience and sound reminiscence for the construction of an archive that expands the possibility of empathy, hope and poetry-between.

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