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32 instruções para escutar n(a) pandemia

Curated by Rui Chaves and Fernando Iazzetta.
"32 Instruções para Escutar (n)a Pandemia" [32 instructions to listen (in)to the pandemic" (Paperback Edition, by BERRO, released October 2021, 76 pgs.) is an event-score book that features works by 32 Brazilian artists. The 32 one-page pieces face the challenge of discussing listening at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. We have a limited edition of 100 physical copies. Artists: Alexandre Fenerich, Bella, Camila Proto, Fernando Iazzetta, Flora Holderbaum, Floriano Romano, Gabriela Mureb, Gustavo Torres, Inés Terra, Julia Teles, Laura Leiner, Laura Mello, Lilian Campesato, Lilian Nakao Nakahodo, Marcelo Armani, Marco Scarassatti, Mariana Carvalho, Paola Ribeiro, Paulo Dantas, Pontogor, Raquel Stolf, Ricardo Basbaum, Romano, Romulo Alexis, Rui Chaves, Sérgio Abdalla, Tânia Neiva, Tati Cocteau, Thessia Machado, Thiago R., Tom Nóbrega, Valéria Bonafé, Valério Fiel da Costa, Vanessa De Michelis, Yuri Bruscky.

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