Nendú – a possible archive of Brazilian sound art made between 2015-2018

‘Nendú’  – the title of archive – envisages the creation of an online platform dedicated to presenting and mapping the work of contemporary Brazilian sound artists. A process based upon the following objectives:

1) creating a ‘map’ that enables the dissemination and discovery of local praxis;
2) prompting conversations or different types of documentation that better ilustrate individual creative processes (‘journal’);
3) re-affirming the idea of the ‘archive’  as a research tool;
4) writing a historical and critical report on brazilian sound art.

liveSHOUT – mobile broadcast app

Liveshout is a mobile streaming app that allows for single or simultaneous multiple user broadcast. Liveshout works with Icecast streaming technology which allows for flexibility both in terms of access and usage. The app is designed for locative media, sound and transmission art practitioners as well as amateur broadcasters.

Liveshout was commissioned by CO-ME-DIA, a Culture 2007 European Union project, developed by Ecliptic Labs and based on research currently being carried out at the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen’s University Belfast.